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Bindi Beauty and Spa Products

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Acclaim for Bindi
Ayurveda - Beauty from India
Benefits of Bindi Care:
Benefits of Massage
Bindi by Pratima Raichur
Cold Weather Tips ,
Body Types - Vata, Pitta, Kapha,
Every Day Body Massage
Hot Weather Tips
Pure and Natural Aromatherapy
The Daily Face Care Routine

Creating Beauty using Ayurveda
by Kavita Mehta - Founder of Indian Foods Company
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Acclaim for Bindi Ayurveda - The Science of Real Beauty from IndiaBenefits of Bindi Care:Benefits of MassageBindi by Pratima Raichur - The pioneer of AyurvedaCold Weather Tips for Beautiful Skin Elemental Body Types - Vata, Pitta, KaphaEvery Day Body MassageHot Weather Tips for Beautiful SkinPure and Natural AromatherapyThe Daily Face Care Routine

Bindi Gifts - Bath, Massage, Aromatherapy, Beauty gifts

Pratima Raichur has understood the principles of Ayurveda to create her Bindi Beauty line

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Deepak Chopra, author of The Path to Love and The Seven Laws of Success
"Beauty is the harmonious interactive of elements and forces that comprise the human body, human mind, and human spirit. Pratima Raichur's Absolute Beauty is an exquisite, elegant, and practical book that will help you achieve both inner and outer beauty."

Benefits of Bindi Care:
~Based on ancient Ayurvedic system which uses natural ingredients that have a long history of safe and effective usage.
~Bindi products are created for specific Doshas/Elements that are more effective
~Bindi is created with plant and herbal ingredients that have powerful and specific healing properties.
~Bindi products balance the skin and scalp at the cellular level and prevent its aging effects.
~The herbal ingredients in Bindi products have the curative powers found in individual herbs which are combined with other herbs to create powerful products
~Natural fragrances of flower and herb extracts help to calm the nerves and induce relaxation.

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An Ancient Scientific System is at least 10,000 yr. old and may be 30,000 years old

Ayurveda is an intricate system of healing that originated in India thousands of years ago part of the vast treasure chest of knowledge called the Vedas.  Over 60 preparation were mentioned that could be used to assist an individual in overcoming various ailments. Ayurveda is more than just a medical system. It is a Science of Life. We are all part and parcel of nature. Just as the animals and plants live in harmony with nature and utilize the Laws of Nature to leverage their position and experience and create health and balance within their beings, we, too, adhere to these very same principles. Ayurveda is a medical system that helps maintain health in a person by using the inherent principles of nature to bring the individual back into equilibrium with their true self. - according to Ayurveda total health is that state where mind, body, spirit, senses and emotions are in a state of perfect balance, as nature intended them to be.
Ayurveda has deciphered various modalities to heal the whole person and restore balance. Herbal formulations are given to bring the individual back into their natural way of functioning by dispelling any imbalance that may exist within the individual.   Herbs, medicines, massages, oils are a very important part of Ayurveda, these are supported by detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations.


Ayurveda is made up of two Sanskrit words: Ayu which means life and Veda which means the knowledge of. To know about life is Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda was created by Indian scientists called Rishis (knowledgeable people) that combined science as it is known in the west with the essence of the human experience.    Their contribution to the world included 'Sanskrit' - mother of all European languages even Latin - the human language which is the most logical language in the world with which even today's computers could be programmed with.  They created the concept of 'zero' used today by the world and which forms the basis of many inventions.  They conceived of `yoga' an excellent system of physical health, which, even today is practiced by the best in the exercise industry.  They had made advancements in surgery, Ayurvedic medicines and they had mastered human psychology creating mantras which map out the psychology of humans - a gem still to be discovered by the modern world.

They also created Ayurveda which combines lifestyle + individual markers + diet and herbal remedies to create beauty and health.  Bindi is based on this system.

BINDI products are based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda - the original healing science of India. Ayurvedic wisdom holds that providing the skin with the purest nourishment possible not only allows for total self-correction of the skin, but also has profound healing effect on the entire person.

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