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Entertaining Indian Style

If you are looking to entertain Indian style you will fing many resources in our online store. You will be able to make simple appetizers and finger foods, tasty bites, like koftas, chicken kebabs, delicate fish cakes and hot mix, accompanied by a selection of spicy, sweet and sour chutneys.  bursting with fresh flavors. Our meal kits make it simple to make a full meal for your guests and our curry selections make it eary to make those amazing curries. Tasty and colorful, these dishes are fun and simple to prepare, yet they are so elegant they are sure to impress your guests.

BenIndianPlatter.jpg (32039 bytes) Easy Indian Menu for Entertaining .
A Veggie Table for Thanksgiving ,
Eid Mubarak ,
Eid Mubarak Entertaining Recipes ,
Festive Hors d'Oeuvres ,
Happy Diwali - Diwali Entertaining Recipes ,
Happy Raksha Bandhan .
Entertaining Dinner on the Spice Route ,
A lovers' meal for Valentine's Day ,  
Classical Indian Entertaining Menu ,
Fusion Cooking - Party Indian Ideas ,
Indian Party Barbecue Menu ,
Indian Tandoori Party Barbecue ,
Spring Menu: A New Beginning ,
Thanksgiving Menu with Eastern Accents


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America's most popular Indian grocery store. Enjoy the tastes of India with elegant high quality foods & groceries at We have a comprehensive selection including hard-to-find items to make Indian cooking fun and easy!, creates a shopping experience with gourmet, healthy Indian food ingredients, grocery and gift baskets delivered right to your door.

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Indian Cook Books and their Reviews

Easy Spice Blends for Cooking for Entertaining

Dal or Lentil Spice Blend - perfect flavor for dal Dal Lentil Curry Spice Blend - perfect robust flavor for dal Herbal Dal Spice Blend for Lentils - perfect flavor for dal Sweet and Sour Dal Spice Blend for Lentils - perfect spicy tangy flavor for dal Sambhar Spice Blend and Seasoning - South Indian Lentil Soup Recipe ,  

Biryani Rice Meal Spice Blend (Masala) - a restaurant spiced rice favorite Tandoori Spice Blend - for the famous Indian BBQ Tikka Spice Blend and Seasoning for Grilling Boneless Chicken, Fish and Paneer Madras Curry Powder - an all purpose spice blend Chicken Curry Spice Blendand Seasoning or Spice Rub Meat Curry Spice Blendand Seasoning or Spice Rub Fish Curry Curry Spice Blendand Seasoning or Spice Rub Malabar Coconut Spice Blend - for veggies, fish and chicken Roganjosh Meat Spice Blend , ,  Meat Curry - blend of Indian spices Chicken Curry Spice Blend for Indian Chicken Curry Madras Curry - Indian Curry Spice Blend

Potato Hash Spice Blend and Seasoning for Perfect Roasted Potatoes ,   Potato Hash and Vegetable Spice Blend with Curry Leaves - Herbal Root Vegetable Spice Blend from the Himalayas South Indian Vegetable Spice Blend Rajmah Spice blend for Kidney Bean Curry - an Indian Restaurant Favorite ,   Gobi Aloo Spice blend for Cauliflower Vegetable - an Indian Restaurant Favorite Bhindi Masala Spice Blend for Okra Vegetable - an Indian Restaurant Favorite Corn, Pizza Garnish Spice Blend Almond, Cardamom, Saffron Sugar Spicy Curry Blend for Veggies and Fish. Goan Vindaloo Spice Blend Panchpuran- Indian Five Spice Blend - magical flavor for tomatoes, squash, zucchini, fish Garam Masala (WholeSpices) Blend Curry Powder Coriander-Cumin Blend Garam Masala Powder Indian Stir Fry Spice Blend Raita Mix 1 - Yogurt Seasoning Mix Vegetable (subzi) Spice Blend - flavor veggies and achieve a tastes of heaven Channa /Garbanzo Beans Spice Blend. Korma Spice Blend Raita Mix 2 - Must-O-Khiar - Yogurt Herbal Mix Regal Pilaf - Rice Spices, Dried Fruit and Nut Blend Indian Chai (Tea) with Aromatic Tea Spices Ginger-Garlic Paste Ginger-Garlic Paste Lrg Garlic Paste Ginger Paste

Indian Spice Box - Traditional Masala Dubba for Organizing Spices for Indian Cooking Indian Spice Box with 7 Single Spices - Traditional Masala Dubba for Cooking with Indian Spices


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Kavita has been giving classes on Indian Cuisine in Minneapolis for the past 10 years.  She now shares her work on her website for all to enjoy.


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