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Indian Food Blog
indian food, indian cuisine at its best
It may be helpful to read about India and its history and culture to understand how to approach Indian Cooking.  Indian cuisine is as diverse as it's people and geography.  Indians did not have written down recipes but were passed on through generations purely by  word of mouth. India is a multi-faceted country with a variety of colors, cultural differences, food, festivals, languages, peoples and so on. In this section we introduce you to the different strokes of Indian cuisine.

Welcome to a culinary passage through India via my Indian food blog !

Indian food

Indian Food Blog by Kavita Mehta

Indian Food Recipes

Indian food at its best:
~  Indian Food About India and its History
~  Indian Food - Map of India and the States of India
~  Indian Food Culinary History
~  India's Vegetarian Culinary Culture
~  The Vedic or Hindu Influence on India's cuisine
~  The Jain Philosophy and its influence on India's cuisine
~  The Muslim Influence on India's Cuisine
~  Indian Food, Indian Cuisine
~ Indian Food What is Curry?
~ The Role of Spices in Indian Cuisine
~ North Indian (food) Cuisine
~ South Indian (food) Cuisine
~ Indian Food Cooking Techniques
~ North Indian Food Restaurant Guide
~ South Indian Food Restaurant Guide
~  Indian Food Entertaining
~ Ayurveda - Indian Nutrition
~ Indian Food Pyramid
~ Glossary of Indian Food Names
~ NEW Indian Beauty
~ NEW Indian food products, Indian grocery,
groceries, beauty and Indian food gift baskets

~  NEW Cooking Guides

Specialty Indian Food Online
Ajika Meals ,
  Ajika Regal Rice Recipe.
  Almond, Cardamom, Saffron Hot Beverage or Smoothie
   Chicken Biryani -Most popular rice dish from India
  Chicken Stir Fry Recipe
  Chicken Tandoori Recipe (Tandoori Murgh)
  Chickpea, Chana or Chola Garbanzo Curry
  CousCous Indian Style - Upma
  Easy Chicken Korma (Curry) Recipe
  Easy Lamb or Mutton Korma Recipe
  Garnish Seasoning for Grilled Meats, Pizza & Corn
  Garnish Seasoning for Pizza,Corn & Grilled Meats
  Kheer, Payasam Recipe - Indian Rice Pudding
  Lamb Biryani -Most popular rice dish from India
  Mixed Fruit with Cardamom and Saffron
  Mughlai Chicken - Recipe of the Mughal Emperors
  Poha Chivda - Rice Crispy Savory Party Mix
   Poha Instant Rice Pilaf - Bombay Style
  Potato Carrots Coconut Curry
  Seasoning for Roasted Corn, Pizza & Grilled Meats ,  
  Shrimp Seasoned with Coconut Spice Blend
  Shrimp Tandoori Recipe
  Sweet and Sour Indian Curry
  Sweet and Tangy Fresh Tomato Chutney recipe
   Vegetable Korma Recipe
  Vegetables Seasoned with Coconut Spice Blend
  Veggie Biryani -Most popular rice dish from India
  Yogurt Indian dessert - Srikhand or Shrikhand .

~ Indian Food Blog ~

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