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Indian Foods Company has a passion for Indian culture, good food and good health.  Based on this passion Indian Foods Company offers a unique and distinctive point of view in its selection of food, beauty products, gifts - presented in a beautiful, elegant, easy-to-navigate environment. Indian Foods Company's simple, elegant design makes the process of finding, selecting and purchasing ethnic foods online easy and hassle-free. Several unique features help guide customers like cooking guides, recipes and detailed information on all products.  Indian Foods Company is your resource for Indian Cuisine.

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Indian Food


Our Mission
"Making the cuisine of India yours!"


We would like an opportunity to serve you in our online store!

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~ Largest Indian grocery store online
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Products Available In Our Store!  Online Shopping for Indian Groceries in USA

Atta Whole Wheat Flour, Lentil Besan, Gram Flour, Channa Dal Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca flour, Corn Flour, Potato Flour, Sooji  shop atta at our indian grocery shop

Rice Varieties Pure Basmati Rice, Rosemata Rice, Sona Masoori Rice, Fragrant Jasmine Rice, Goan Rice, Thin Poha, Traditional Basmati Rice, Kalijira Rice, Red rice, Brown Basmati Rice  shop rice at our indian grocery shop 

Single Spices Anardana (Pomegranate Powder), Ajwain Seeds, Amchur (Raw Mango Powder), Pomegranate Seeds, Black Cardamoms Whole, Black Cumin Seeds, Black Mustard Seeds, Charmagaz, Chili Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, Coriander Powder, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Powder, seeds, Curry Powder, Pickle Masala, Jeera Powder, Fennel Seeds, Fresh Curry Leaves, Garlic Powder, Methi Seeds, Sesame Seed, Turmeric Powder   shop spices at our indian grocery shop

Spice Blends

Chutneyshop at our indian grocery shop 

Beverages Mango, Guava Drink, Coconut Milk 

Cheese Paneer  shop at our indian grocery shop 

Biscuits, Crackers  

Indian Mithai 

Indian Gifts

Dals Moong Dal, Toor Dal, Red Lentil, Urad Dal, Red Kidney Beans, Kabuli Chana (Chick Peas), Moong Beans, Black Mapte, Masoor Whole, Chana Dal, Split Bengal Gram, Kala Chana, Moong Dal Chilka, Urad Dal Chilka  shop dal at our indian grocery shop 

Tea & Coffee masala hai, Chai Leaves with Tea Masala, Masala Chai Spices  shop chai at our indian grocery shop 

Ghee & Cooking Oil Ghee, Sunflower Oil, Pure Mustard Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesama Oil  shop ghee at our indian grocery shop

Health & Beauty Bindi Skin Care Products, Ayurvedic Products  shop ayurvedic products at our indian shop 

Papadoms Deep Homemade Style Papadoms, Lijjat Papadoms, Laxmi Madrasi Plain Papadoms, Rani, Sago Wafers  shop papad at our indian grocery shop 

Curry Paste Curry Paste Mixes  shop curry at our indian grocery shop 

Pickles Pataks Hot Mixed Relish, Extra Hot Lime, Priya Pickles, Mothers Recipe Pickles  shop at our indian grocery shop 

Snacks Hot Mix, Khari Biscuits, Spicy Khatta Mitha Mixture, from brands like Haldiram's, Deep, Bansi, Bikaneri  shop pickles at our indian grocery shop

Indian Grocery
Ajika Meals

Namaste! Vannakam! Welcome! Cook with us and savor Indian Cuisine. Indian food is more than curry and the variety of Indian food is just astounding.

India is a land of fragrant, aromatic spices The Indian spices in our store will take you on a magical journey of flavor. Spices like cumin and mustard seeds, coriander, cayenne, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves and whole red chills add many tasty dimensions to a dish. We offer many pre made spice blends that make it easy and convenient to cook authentic Indian dishes.

Armed with the spices and basic ingredients from our food store like basmati rice, lentils or dal, grains, chutneys, pickles, ghee and lentil crackers (Pappadums, papads, appalams); Indian cooking can now be done easily in your own home and for your entertaining pleasure. Create all the succulent and aromatic dishes you've relished in your favorite Indian restaurants. Our Indian online food store makes it easy to shop for food ingredients make and serve these ever-popular Indian recipes at your own dinner table. ......more


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America's most popular Indian grocery store. Enjoy the tastes of India with elegant high quality foods & groceries at indianfoodsco.com. We have a comprehensive selection including hard-to-find items to make Indian cooking fun and easy!   Indianfoodsco.com, creates a shopping experience with gourmet, healthy Indian food ingredients, grocery and gift baskets delivered right to your door.

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