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Indian Food - Learn to master Indian food on our website, learn how to cook and enjoy Indian food. Our website will guide you with step-by-step Indian cooking and Indian recipes.  You will find a comprehensive guide to indian food, indian recipes, indian cooking, easy Indian cooking, indian dishes, indian ingredients, indian food recipes, glossary, cuisine, regional indian food, curry recipes, indian spices, papad, indian chutney, Indian pickle and more

Cooking Indian food at home could be divided into two parts - Indian restaurant cooking and Indian home cooking

Indian Recipes

Cooking Indian Restaurant Dishes at Home: Cooking resuarant dishes is easy with our spice blend in our store. The most famous dishes are Biryani,  Chicken Tandoori,  Chicken Tikka, Dal Masala, Gobi Aloo or Cauliflower VegetableBhindi Masala or Okra Curry, Rajmah or Bean Curry, and Chhole Punjabi, Channa Masala Garbanzo Spice, and Raita

Indian Home Cooking: For Indian home cooking we would like to suggest our best selling Indian cookbook. Along with this book you will also need to buy the Indian spice box with the essential spices needed to cook Indian dishes. For the serious cook one would need the whole range of Indian spices  like Asafoetida, HingMustard SeedsBlack Pepper PowderCardamom PodsCayenne PowderTurmeric,   Coriander,   Cumin,   Fennel SeedsCloves,   Fenugreek SeedsMango PowderAjwain SeedsBlack SaltPomegranate SeedsCinnamon Malabar SticksGinger PowderCardamom Pods BlackBlack Pepper WholeNigella SeedsSesame Seeds NaturalNutmeg PowderFennel PowderClove PowderKala Jeera 


Ghee is important in an Indian kitchen to cook the spices in. Traditionally Indian food was cooked in ghee.

An Indian meal is served with poppodoms and with pickles and chutneys.

Cooking Indian Rice & Lentil Dishes

Indian cooking also includes many rice dishes like Aromatic Pilaf, Biryani. Shop from our wide selection of Indian rice, Basmati rice, Kerala Kutti rice, Goan rice, Kalijira rice, Brown basmati, Organic rice.

Dal or lentils are cooked in India everyday in Indian homes. We have all the lentil varieties in our online store including ready to cook lentil meal kits. Dal is satisfying, delicious and a simple dish. Easy to make it may be made into soups, stews or porridge like making it a warm and filling dish. Click here for shopping Indian lentil varieties.

Click here for easy to cook Indian meals shopping.

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Basic Indian Meal Style - The basic Indian meal consists of a Thali (large round platter and may consist of a banana leaf, pure silver or gold, clay, steel or porcelain) used as a dinner plate. The thali or platter contains room for vegetable dishes, lentil dishes, yogurt or raita (yogurt salsa), salad, rice, bread, chutneys, pickles and papad. The essence of the thali is to incorporate a treasure house of tastes and textures to delight the taste buds.

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