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Welcome to our Afghani aisle and take home a taste of Afghanistan.  Here you will find practically everything you'll need to create your own authentic Afghani meals. Shop for a variety of specialty foods, including Afghani walnuts, pine nuts, pasta, pickles, seasonings and spices.  For the gourmet, there's an assortment of mountain mint, Basmati rice and Himalayan choi. Food from Afghanistan is influenced by Indian foods, Persian foods and Chinese foods so shop these sections to create Afghan dishes.

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You will find the following ingredients to cook foods from Afghanistan in our online store

Mint, Dill, Noodles, Garam masala, Saffron, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Cumin, Chilis, Corriander, Nutmeg, Parsley, Black pepper, Onion, Garlic, Wheat, Basmati Rice, Pine Nuts, Pistachio, Nuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, Ghee, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Yellow Split peas, Mung beans, Black eye beans, Kidney beans, Vinegar,

If you want to cook Qabli Pulao or steamed rice with raisins and carrot and lamb or make Kababs spiced subtly, or savor a Qorma stew made with onions, fried meats, fruits, spices and vegetables or Afghani soups called Shorma you will find all the ingredients in our online store.

Some popular dishes in Afghanistan cuisine menu are Afghan Kofta (meatballs), Nan-i-Afghan (Afghan bread), Quroot (dried yogurt), Osh Pyozee (stuffed onions), Sher Berinj (rice pudding), Kabulii Pulao (traditional rice dish), Mantu (meat dumplings), Dampukht (steamed rice) and Kababs (skewed chops).

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Shop Spices To Cook Foods From Afghanistan

Mast-O-Khiyar Persian Yogurt SeasoningTzatziki Greek Yogurt SeasoningSabzi Ghormeh Herbal StewAdvieh All Purpose SpiceBarg Shish Kabob, Lamb SeasoningGround Meat KabobChicken KabobBaharat All Purpose SpiceDal Masala Spice BlendMace PowderWhole NutmegFried OnionsSaffron Threads (Azafrán, Za'faran)Asafetida Asafoetida, Hing CompoundMustard Seeds, Black (Rai)Black Pepper PowderCardamom Pods Green (Cardamon)Cayenne or Red Chili PowderTurmeric PowderCoriander Seeds WholeCoriander Seed PowderCumin Seeds WholeCumin PowderFennel Seeds WholeCloves Whole,   Fenugreek Seeds Whole (Methi, Shambalileh)Mango Powder GreenPoppy Seeds,   Ajwain Seeds (Ajowan, Carom seeds )Black Salt or Rock Salt or Kala NamakRound Chilies WholePomegranate Seeds (Anardana)Cinnamon Malabar SticksGinger PowderCardamom Pods Black or BrownBlack Pepper WholeSesame Seeds WhiteNigella Seeds (Kalonji or Onion Seeds)Sesame Seeds NaturalCardamom (Green) SeedsCardamom (Green) PowderNutmeg PowderFennel PowderClove PowderBlack CuminStar Anise Whole


We have been in business for 20 years and we started with Indian food and spices and soon became a world food and spices gastronomic mutt. We have since incorporated African, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Syrian, Persian, Mexican foods and spices. We have taken the best of all traditional and ethnic cooking traditions.

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