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Indian Sweets - Gifts in USA

Mithai or Indian sweets is a gift that is received well in India and Pakistan. 

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Mithai or Sweets are an excellent choice to say thank you, for ceremonies, birthdays, holiday's, festivals and for important life milestones.  They are also ideal corporate gifts for vendors, clients, employees and dealers. Our Indian sweets make wonderful hostess gifts and also favors for guests.

What are appropriate gifts to give for an Indian wedding?
What are appropriate gifts to give for an Indian anniversary?
The best thank you gift to a person from India?
Gift ideas for a person from India?

Hostess Gift ideas for an Indian home?
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Mithai Indian Sweets Gifting USA

I am having dinner at the home of an important Indian business man in the US. I am caucasian and would like to bring a hostess gift that shows respect but I dont want to appear like I'm trying too hard. Please help I am clueless!
Indian sweets are always a good gift to take - Indian mithai or sweets shows you have given the occasion some thought and respect for your host and hostess. I think they are also safer than a bottle of wine which is the usual bring along gift - your wine might not be liked by anyone!

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Diwali Classical Gifts with Ganpathi statue and card
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Send mithai gifts and Indian sweets in USA and India.  Send Diwali gifts to your friends, families & beloved. Order now for Mithai Hampers & Diwali gifts.. 

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Indian Mithai in Usa, Diwali sweets, Indian Sweets, Indian Mithai, Diwali Gifts USA, Indian Mithai Online, Indian Sweets & Indian Food Mail Order Website! Shop online for Indian Mithai

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