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Afghanistan Cuisine

Welcome to our Afghani aisle and take home a taste of Afghanistan.  Here you will find practically everything you'll need to create your own authentic Afghani meals. Shop for a variety of specialty foods, including Afghani walnuts, pine nuts, pasta, pickles, seasonings and spices.  For the gourmet, there's an assortment of mountain mint, Basmati rice and Himalayan choi. We also have a complete Afghani menu for your dinning and entertaining pleasure.  Afghanistani cuisine is mainly influenced by that of Persia, India and Mongolia. Taste of Afghanistan includes Afghani Naan, Kabuli Palow - afganii styled rice pilaf, aushok, kebabs (lamb, beef and chicken), sambosa, crispy triangle purses of fried pastries filled with ground beef and chickpeas. Mantu, steamed dumplings fattened with minced onion beef, buranee-e-kadu or eggplant, chunks of fragrant butternut squash or eggplant topped with a dollop of creamy white yogurt and a spoonful of keema, a light meat sauce made with oil, chopped onion, ground beef and tomato puree, subzi or sautéed spinach delicately tempered with onion, salt and garlic. Afghani desserts are best taken with cups of not-so-strong but decent choi, Afghani black tea.

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