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Cooking Pots for Indian Vegetables
Steamed vegetables Indian style is a treat.  Subtly spiced and seasoned with cumin, mustard seeds, ginger, garlic, chili powder, corriander powder, turmeric and lime juice or tomatoes - the vegetables come alive with a taste and aroma which is just fantastic.
A pan that is curved at the bottom and has a curved cover is the best.  The spiced vapor slides down the sides to perfectly cook the vegetables. 
After searing the vegetables cook on low heat with the lid on.

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Calphalon Professional Nonstick II 12-Inch Everyday Pan with Lid

Le Creuset 2 1/2-Quart Buffet Casserole
All-Clad LTD 10-Inch Petite Braiser Pan

All-Clad LTD 13-Inch
Braiser Pan

All-Clad Master Chef 2 10-Inch Petite Braiser Pan

All-Clad Master Chef 2 13-Inch Braiser Pan

KitchenAid Hi-Density Hard Anodized Clad 13-Inch Brasier

ll-Clad Copper Core 13-Inch Braiser Pan

All-Clad Cop-R-Chef 10-Inch Petite Braiser Pan

All-Clad Cop-R-Chef 13-Inch Braiser Pan

Lodge 2-Quart Cast Iron Serving Pot with Lid

Lodge 3-Quart Cast Iron Chicken Fryer with Iron Lid

Season it by washing it with a little soap, oiling it inside and out, and cooking it in the oven for an hour. The finish will soon turn black--the sign of a well-seasoned cast-iron pot.

It is a delight to cook in an iron pot.  The body benefits from the iron that gets added into the food safely and the taste of food cooked in an iron pot is definately way above food cooked in other pots

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This work is dedicated to my mother Shanta who taught me the tenants of Ayurvedic Cuisine and Knowledge.


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1990 to 2001 - Kavita Mehta.  All Rights Reserved.
Kavita has been giving classes on Indian Cuisine in Minneapolis for the past 10 years.  She now shares her work on her website for all to enjoy.


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