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Indian food is seductive, healthy and easy to cook with our spice blends. Spices form the basis of Indian cooking and our store has authentic spices from the various regions of India. Rice is another basic dish in an Indian thali or meal. We have premade rice kits for pilafs, biryanis and south Indian lemon rice. Lentils and beans also form a large part of Indian meals and you will find single Indian beans and lentils in our store but also lentil pre-made kits and bulk pantry Indian lentil meal kits. Shop chutneys, papads, pickles which accompany an Indian meal. Buy ginger, cardamom, masala chai and our saffron, cardamom sugar that makes instant desserts and lattes. Our online store also has mithai and Indian sweets. We carry the most extensive line of organic spices and spice mixes - more than any other store in USA. Most of our products adhere to an ayurvedic lifestyle.

We are careful from who we buy, we support local businesses and are driven to serve you. We hope to share with you our great Indian products and service your Indian cooking needs. We are committed to your total satisfaction and trust you will enjoy your shopping experience with Indian Foods Company.

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  Buy Indian Gourmet Healthy Meals With Seasonings 
Ajika Five Jeweled Lentil Meal Dish With Seasonings Ajika Dal Masala Lentil Mix With Seasonings Ajika Moong Dal Lentil Mix With Seasonings Ajika Dal Rajasthani Blend With Spices Ajika Rice Lentil Kitcharee Instant Meal Mix With Spices & Jaggery Ajika Royal Basmati Pilaf Meal Mix With Spices And Nuts Ajika Kitchari Blend - Rice and Mung Lentil Stew Mix Ajika Saffron Biryani Basmati With Spice Mix Ajika Aromatic Rice Pilaf Mix With Pure Saffron Ajika Lentil Rice Medley Ajika Kheer With Seasonings, Indian Rice Pudding Pulao, Rice Aromatic Pilaf Meal Kit & Seasonings Channa Dal Kitchari Lentil-Rice Meal Kit & Seasonings Moong Kitchari Lentil-Rice Meal Kit & Seasonings Rice Pilaf Meal Kit & Spices & Nuts Channa Masala Garbanzo Stew Meal Kit & Seasonings Dal Makhani Lentil Chili Meal Kit & Seasonings Green Moong Kitchari Lentil-Rice Meal Kit & Seasonings Rajma Himalayan Beans Meal Kit & Seasonings Channa Dal Lentils Soup Meal Kit & Seasonings Mixed Lentils & Coconut Soup Meal Kit & Seasonings Moong Yellow Dal Lentils Soup Meal Kit & Seasonings Red Lentils & Coconut Soup Meal Kit & Seasonings Two Lentil Medley Soup Meal Kit & Seasonings .

Ajika Meals unique features:

• Ajika Natural Meals -- healthy, balanced, nutritious and delicious dinners
• Ajika meals and dinners for Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free and weight control diets
• Ajika Family Size Meals - Serves 4 to 22 - meals contain a wide variety of simple, flavorful ingredients so no one gets bored
• Both experienced and beginner cooks will appreciate easy-to-understand recipes
• nutritionally balanced meals to be cooked with seasonal variety of food groups (carbohydrates, plant proteins and plenty of delectable vegetables).
• Bean meals can be prepared in 50 minutes, and lentil meals ready in under 25 minutes.


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Indian Foods Company is founded on the passion of good Indian food by Kavita Mehta. It is widely recognized as the premier online destination for shoppers in search of quality ethnic and pantry foods. Guided by Kavita's culinary passion and expertise, The Indian foods Company's expansive selection of the best of Indian cuisine and hard-to-find ingredients has been greeted eagerly by food enthusiasts.
Kavita is always adding more products so her customers may have a richer and varied dining experience in their home kitchens. She has put in her passion to work with sincerety, love, hard work and dedication. She has created and added many gluten-free foods, organic foods, sugar-free foods, vegan foods. Her store always had "all-natural" foods.

We are proud of our unique specialty foods and unsurpassed customer service. We are also pleased that you are discovering our foods and gifts for the first time or that you are considering purchasing them again. So, please feel free to browse our site and discover some of the finest gourmet and specialty foods available anywhere!. Indian Foods Company combines new levels of convenience, advice and food/beauty products/gift selections. Indian Foods Company's tagline perfectly expresses the company's mission, "making the cuisine of India yours!"

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