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India's Culinary Heritage
Indian Cooking Class

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India's Culinary Heritage - Menu

Summer Wealth on an Indian Table

Bring India to your home with this introductory class to Indian cuisine. For anyone setting out to learn how to make "Indian food" for the first time, this is the class for you. Learn the basics of a good Indian meal. Come taste the culinary creations and enjoy an Indian meal, so bring your enthusiasm and appetite for an evening of fun.

Boondi Raita - yogurt Salad - Indian yogurt Salad with fresh mint
Biryani - Indian cheese is marinated in Tandoori spices and yogurt and then grilled.
masoor Dal along with farmers market seasonal veggies - Indian dal or lentils seasoned with inger and turmeric and then spiced with cumin and onions and other seasonings.
Green Beans with coconut - Beans are delicately spiced with mustard seeds and flavored with coconut
Fresh Summer mint pesto seasoned with key limes and fresh ginger
Kheer Basmati Rice cooked to perfection in a rice pudding and flavored with rose water

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